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Asada Taxi Co., Limited was founded in 1971, and since then we have been prioritising our customers' safety. We believe that we can provide the best services to all whom visit Japan with the 46 year history of the company.  Our company group have various vehicles, so that we are proud of suggesting the most appropriate service to suit each customer's needs. 

We accept the booking for  individual travel, group tours. Our booking office on +81943720103 can help you with this.We look forward to seeing you soon.

                        Chief Executive Officer      Masuo Ito

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AsadaTaxi Co., Ltd.

Masuo Ito

1229, Tanushimarumachi Masuoda, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka, 839-1213, Japan


50 ( group total )

AsadaKankoBus Co., Ltd.

AmagiTaxi Co., Ltd.

MiyaharaTaxi Co., Ltd.

KaneshimaTaxi Co., Ltd.

KatanoseTaxi Co., Ltd.


seats number


(except for jump seat)

32  Large-size bus

4  Middle-size bus

seats number


(except for jump seat)

seats number


(except for jump seat)

4  Small-size bus

2  Jumbo taxi

seats number


42  Taxi

seats number



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